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Wed at 21:03
Have u been trained by a moderator or admin yet?
Wed at 21:07
I'm being trained by Ash
Wed at 23:14
jw are we still having that PVP server?
Thu at 20:54
Thu at 20:55
Fix spawn.
Thu at 20:55
People have been dying on mchat and losing everything.
Thu at 20:55
I have twice in the past 4 days
Thu at 21:37
Thu at 21:38
I'll take a look. xD
Thu at 22:01
I died too and lost all my stuff
Thu at 22:01
And now minechat is stuffed up
Thu at 22:29
Is it the mobs?
Thu at 23:30
Yes, glow
Thu at 23:31
I also lost my stuff
Thu at 23:47
Thu at 23:47
And to fix your minechat you have to get on pc snd respawn.
Fri at 0:00
I put some torches around, but I can't alter spawn enough to completely fix the problem without someone permission.
Fri at 0:03
Thank ya <e
Fri at 0:03
Fri at 23:04
yo im still banned, its the 26th :p
Fri at 23:04
Fri at 23:04
Fri at 23:05
congrats on zoner
Fri at 23:05
16 hours ago
Good Morning
11 hours ago
Blaze its the twentyfourth in America
11 hours ago
1 hour ago
eh my phone was messed up now its saying 25t
1 hour ago
1 hour ago
For remaining time on your ban google time in los angeles, thats the time zone the server calculates bans in
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McGroove News

Hey everyone,

The host is having apparent issues with the main server.

For now, we've got an Asylum server up. A castle and world to play in while everything is being worked out.

The main IP will take you there until the main server is back up.

Stay Groovy,


UPDATE: Main server should be back online on the regular IP. Happy Grooving.

Contest Winners

Tony_02 posted Aug 15, 16

Thanks to alll the people that participated in the PVP Arena Contest! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's builds and the different styles people used smile

The top 3 winners are:

1st: wzdew

2nd: StippyPlayz

3rd: DarkRangerAJ, PaoloCraft526, pieroawesome

Message me on here or find me in game to receive your prizes!

Here are some pictures of the first place build:

StippyPlayz Congrats!
GamingMCMaster Congratulations!
HistoricMoments Good job everyone!

PvP Arena Contest

Tony_02 posted Jul 31, 16

Hey everyone!

It's time to have our first contest since the 1.10 reset! For this contest you can build any size or type of PVP arena.

I highly encourage all of you to build something and join this contest because I will be picking the top 3 builds and giving prizes to those winners!

You will have until August 14th, which will give you 2 full weeks to build with your creativity! When you finish, mail me the coords, then I will take a look at your arena. 

1st place: 1 beacon and winner's arena will be used for the server

2nd place: 32 diamonds

3rd place: 16 diamonds

*All top 3 winners will get a photo on the home page*

Goodluck! - Tony_02

jtpatriot I'll toss in any gift card from gyft.com that can be purchased for $10, for the first place winner.
StippyPlayz I have a great idea, good luck everyone!
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