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New Spawn

xNugz posted Aug 26, 13
The new server spawn is up. It's mostly a smaller version of the previous spawn, and is a much better fit. It's not completely done, but let me know if you guys have any suggestions or requests!

I still really need someone to build a parkour =)

Thanks for reading!
THATGUY69_7 i can help im great at building and nugz can u reconsider that mod request
thehobbit95 I could help if you need it, I love building parkour courses. ...
IKBAZOOKA need i to do it the parkour ?

Server Downtime

xNugz posted Aug 23, 13
Hey guys, I'm so sorry the server has been down for the last few days!

I was away from technology for the past week or so, and due to some recent adjustments to my settings, I needed to manually approve the payment for the server. We're up and running again, and improvements are on the way as always.

Cupcakewishes123 Hi nugz I love <3 ur server its the best server ever!!!!!!!!!!111

Builder Rank

xNugz posted Aug 17, 13
I'm looking for a few players who would be interested in helping with some building. I'm re-working spawn(mostly making it smaller)and it's all planned out, I just need help with a few things such as parkour, arenas, shops, and signs.

The only requirement here is skill. I need attention to detail on all of these things.

If interested, send me a message on Enjin with some screenshots or coordinates of your previous builds and we'll get in contact this week.

Builders will recieve a Fire Aspect II diamond sword, and will have temporary access to creative mode in an alternate world.

I feel like there hasnt been enough raiding. From now on, factions recieve $5000 every time they raid another faction's base(I consider a raid to consist of 3 or more players). You must claim the enemy's land in order for the raid to qualify, and you can only get credit for raiding a specific faction one time. Post screenshots on the forums to recieve your earnings.

seokjun101 Im available

1.6.2 Update

xNugz posted Jul 9, 13
Waiting patiently for the ability to update to 1.6.2. 

There is one main thing holding us back from the update at this point: Factions. They're getting spammed with 1.6.2 requests, so I expect they will update it today or tomorrow. As soon as they do, the server will be updated. 

Sorry for the delay, but I'm just as anxious as you!

THATGUY69_7 SINCE I KNOW I HVE BEEN FALSELY ACCUSEDi would suggest punishment for the people that lied to get me banned.
Answers this is not the place to appeal bans.
xNugz get to the bottom of what? you gave me no info here and i have some real life stuff going on, i wont be on the server to ...

Current Status

xNugz posted Jul 1, 13
|Turns out the pre-emptive grand opening was even more pre-emptive than I thought. The voting sites are down at the moment, I'll put them back up when the server is 100% done. I appreciate the playing time some of you have put in, it's been a huge help as it brought many bugs to my attention. The server and website should be 100% in about a week.

For those of you who haven't played in a couple of days, we've implemented a few more features that make PvP a little more interesting, so stop by when you get the chance.

Thanks for reading!

gokartish This server Is going to be huge ill have to get my YouTube buddy to come on and were set ...